About the Artist

Allison Fern Clausius is a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology pursuing work in the areas of haute couture, luxury fashion, fashion photography, magazine layout, and styling. For more information about the artist, read below or please contact her directly at Allison@clausius.tv

Instagram: @Madame_fern

Twitter: @Madame_fern



Allison Fern Clausius — often known as “Fern” — is a fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in central Manhattan. From a small suburb in Ohio, Fern moved to New York to pursue her design career. New York though, was not enough of a leap for her, as she decided to finish her Associate’s Degree through FIT at the Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Florence, Italy. Previously focusing on her passion for French, Fern turned tables and embraced the Italian culture. She is now proficient in both languages. After receiving her diploma she decided to continue her Bachelor’s program, back in NYC. Over the past two years, Fern has specialized in studying Renaissance Art and Italian fashion, both past and present. Currently she is pursuing an Italian Studies and a French Language minor. While in Italy, Fern developed a new perspective on the fashion world and had the chance to experience the industry from the inside, making class visits to luxury designers and local Florentine designers and retailers, touring the Ratti luxury silk factory in Como, and going behind the scenes at the Dolce & Gabanna headquarters in Milan.

During her semester in Italy, Fern had the opportunity to work through all parts of making a collection for her graduation- starting from conception, to mood inspiration pages, to designing two collections which she illustrated both by hand and then on Adobe Illustrator. With the Illustrator drawings, she made technical packs for factory simulated production of her collection, while physically creating two of the garments. The final garments along with the illustrations were presented at the Museo Stibbert in Florence for the graduation ceremony with guest, James Ferragamo.

Fern expresses herself in several forms. Not only engaged in fashion design, she spends a lot of time developing her photography portfolio. One year ago, she published her first magazine, using her eye for styling, graphic design, and layout to display her designs, photos, poetry and writing excerpts. Another area of interest of Fern is in the sciences- nearly three years ago, she created a functioning, avant garde, solar panel dress that charges cell phones. In May of 2015, she achieved her dream of becoming a finalist in Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. Although this is not an area of which she has been able to dedicate time since starting college, it is an area that she will continue to explore over the years to come. In her free time, Fern enjoys playing classical violin and ballroom dancing.

One of Fern’s aims is to reintroduce “slow” fashion into the world again and help protect designers from having their ideas stolen and sold by fast fashion companies. Someday, starting her own label she will aspire to encourage others to invest in well-made clothes that will not only last, but fit the personality of the person that wears it. She would especially like to do this through an haute couture company and help preserve the beauty and expertise of the art of fashion.